Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honey Like No One Else- Buckwheat Honey Giveaway!

Eric the creator of the blog Honey Like No One Else is hosting his very first honey giveaway! At his site you can enter to win a jar of Buckwheat Honey from the Mohawk Valley Trading Company.

Eric is the founder of the blog Eat Like No One Else and his passion for honey is why he hosts a separate blog on his main site that is specifically dedicated to honey. Here is a little info about Eric and why he is so passionate about honey:

My name is Eric. I live in Saline, Michigan with my wife (Donna) and two daughters, Hannah (4) and Autumn (1). I have been enjoying varietal honeys ever since I first tasted orange blossom and avocado blossom honeys during a trip to California in 2011. I have started up a separate blog from my main blog to share my passion for great tasting honey and the stories behind them.
Why have a separate blog on my site dedicated to honey? Honey is a very diverse sweetener that is collected in a variety of ways. There are so many interesting stories out there on how the beekeepers get their honey. I plan to bring you those interesting stories. I also want to share some of the nation’s best honeys with a focus in my own backyard (Michigan).
I got into varietal honey about a year ago. I was a skeptic at first. I thought I would never be able to tell the difference between a clover honey and an orange blossom. While visiting California, I tasted some honey at a farmer’s market. I was surprised at the flavor my tongue was experiencing. That day I bought my first orange blossom honey as well as some avocado honey. I have tried many different honeys since from cranberry blossom to star thistle to sourwood. All have their own unique flavor.
On this blog you will find interviews with beekeepers, reviews of honeys, recipes, and sources to buy honey. I am planning on taking all this research and turning into my very first e-book.

There are multiple ways for you to gain entries into this contest and if you would like to enter to win a jar of Buckwheat Honey head on over to Honey Like No One Else.

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